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virgin hub 5 - how can I setup separate 2.4 & 5ghz ssid's (WIFI access points) like Hub 4

Joining in

Hi All, need some help if possible, I did search about but had trouble finning anything. 

I used to have two WIFI access points setup on the Hub 4 which allowed me to connect to either the older 2.4GHz WIFI signal or the newer (not so well supported) 5Ghz on the same router (which was a great option). 

This made setting up the house easy due to the mixture of 2.4 & 5ghz hardware we have.

Now, the setting for this on the Hub5 seems to be missing, can anyone tell me if this is still possible?  I did try to enable both signals thinking it might have some kind of smart switching but this just causes the WIFI to crash with WIFI black out round the house while it resets; Only to find the system turned 2.4 off again.

I'm currently wishing I stuck with the Hub 4 as Hub 5 hasn't provided me with any warn or fuzzy feeling of an upgrade 😞


Hi Adduxi they have no pods, they had no problems with WiFi upstairs and now down, until a month or so ago when all there 10s of daily profile changes started with area snr problem and packet loss. I've always had there radios split but tried to change the channels to more favourable ones, and change the 2.4ghz from 20mhz to 20/40, also it wouldn't let me turn off smart WiFi, sounds like ethernet to hub with laptop might now let it change/save the settings?.