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ports not opening

Joining in

Hi all can anyone please help I am trying to open ports 80 and 4524 on my Hub 3 to connect to my cctv dvr, when checking on port checker they are showing both closed, I have tried to setup port forwarding in the router but it keeps saying The rule already exists but I can't see it anywhere also I can't connect to it on the LAN. I access the cctv on an app called Ipolis mobile all worked fine till a few day ago when i had to change the DVR from a samsung srd to a slightly older one I have been over and over the settings in the dvr and all seems ok it is also pinging ok hope this all makes sense many thanks

Byron Jones


Community elder

The ports will show as closed until a device is port forwarded to those ports, and it's listening on them.

Alessandro Volta

Get your own better router with 1Gb ports and put hub in modem mode