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low device signal strength on Hub 5


So, having rebooted my Hub 5 following a broadband upload speed boost, I ran a network check on the hub and was told there were WiFi Issues.  The upshot is that two devices were flagged as "The device has low signal strength, please move it closer to Hub 5" followed by "Please place your Wi-Fi device near the Hub 5". 

Firstly the messages do not identify which devices these messages refer to, but also the whole purpose of Wi-Fi is NOT to have the device immediately adjacent to the hub. I already need two Wi-Fi extenders to get the signal from my router (upstairs study) to devices (including TIVO box) in my downstairs lounge. Questions:

1. What Device is having a problem (is there a simple way to identify this)?

2. Are Virgin Media honestly saying they cannot provide a stable Wi-Fi Service unless I put all my devices in the same room as the router?



In addition, the Hub 5 status overview shows connected ethernet and wi-Fi devices, but these are not picked up in the full connected device list even after a refresh.  Why are same devices not shown in both lists?

Joining in

set the hub5 as modem, get the better wifi router like ASUS etc . job done ! 

As above. Plus do the low signal alerts specify a MAC address for the affected devices? If so the devices can be identified via their network settings. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).


No, the Network report does not identify specific devices.  It just reports poor signal on a device and advice to move the device next to the router (kind of defeats the object of Wi-Fi connectivity). 

I have nearly a dozen wi-fi devices around the house covering iPads, iPhones, Printers, laptops, TIVO boxes etc.  What use is the VM router if the answer is to use someone else's bit of kit!  Surely Virgin media should be able to provide me with appropriate service throughout my standard 3-bedroom house without having to go out and buy a separate and expensive Wi-Fi Hub - I already use 2x WiFi extenders to get a signal from my Router in my study (upstairs) to my TV device in my lounge (downstairs).  Just another example of a poor provision of service and support by Virgin Media.