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I have been on 1gigfibre for a while and still on hub 4, with a lot of devices needing to use the wifi now and some support wifi 6 and i cannot not take advantage of it, doesn't help Wifi coverage is abysmal too. Haven't received anything about upgrading to a hub 5 yet and they've been out for years now.


Joining in

would also like to add, I'm using a network switch for my home network to run my main pc and consoles and would love to be able to use that 2,5gb port

Hi @janky thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of your concerns.

If you are on the 1GB network tariff, eligible customers receive either a Hub 4 or 5 but unfortunately there is no opportunity for us to offer upgrades out from a 4 to a 5 at this stage.

When we do offer this, this is usually via email invitation to select customers so please keep an eye on communications this way and hopefully soon we will be able to offer this.

Many thanks