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devices loosing connection

Joining in


Last friday night received a hub 3, connected it, did a few tests and all great. Changed the wifi name and all our devices connected automatically to this new set up. But, since then, everything is unstable. Some places in the house i get no service at all, in others the devices appear connected with 1 or 2 bars but cannot access the internet or use any apps and the only way to solve it is to switch the device wifi off and back on again. Sometimes this is happening every 15 to 30 minutes. 
i.e. this morning I stayed home to work and check the connection and upon logging in, I have to go thru authentication, I was not receiving any tokens until i switched the wifi off on my mobile. Teams calls were a disaster too. I am supposed to be on the 500mb package

Speedtests and pings on the hub are ok, I don't think this is the problem. using the virgin connect app is throwing completely wild results. It says my connection is great at around 35mb (when it works), but sometimes it is just frozen or says I am not connected. Speedtests (ookla) on the phone, show a completely different story - under 4mb download (uploads tend to be better) tho most times when the connection freezes, I cannot even reach it.

There were a couple of times that I actually had to restart the hub 3

I even tested it in the bathroom and my daughters room (loft conversion). Cannot connect. But since this happens even when I am next to the hub, could it be that I have a faulty router?



Another days and another complaint about MS Teams.
We just don't read about issues with Webex or Zoom or any other video conf call services.

For our Hub 3 the following settings resulted in a stable Wi-Fi connection:



Thank you, I will double check

I have tried many things, 1 thing at a time thus very time consuming. 

Enable and disable channel optimization
Auto and manual channel selection
Reduced the dhcp pool

But I don't remember if I changed the channel width. I will put everything back to their defaults and try that