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Winter Weather ruins the wifi

Joining in

Got suggested to make a pointless forum post about how when it’s winter time my internet stops working 3-4am and then starts working at lunch time when the weather is warmer. 

Yes, I have looked at the service status and there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, I’ve complained about it to Virgin Media before. No, it doesn’t matter if I’m using Wifi or Ethernet.

Has Virgin Media helped me with my issue the last 3 winters? No.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Signal level issue without doubt. When it gets cooler your levels are going out of spec at your property, causing the connection to drop. Post your connection stats on the forum & this will show up if you are close to limits during the day.

We need the downstream & upstream values, plus the network log from your hub stats page.

Put (192.168.100. if using modem mode) into your browser then use the "Check router stats" link. Then cut & paste the relevant details.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Schanw1 thanks for your post here in the Community - welcome!

Sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

I do know your issues as I live chatted with you via our Twitter avenue about this exact issue. We live chatted after you made this Forum post it is important to note too.

As discussed on our live chat, when the issues present themselves please report back to us and we can investigate further - at this moment in time there are no faults on the line so we cannot intervene at this stage.

Hopefully these do not become present as the colder months draw in but if so, please let us know and we can evaluate at that time.

Many thanks


Hello it’s been happening since about 10pm last night. 8am now and still no WiFi

Joining in



Joining in

Not working again. 7.45am, -3c.

Hi Schanw1 👋 thank you for returning to this thread to keep us updated!

So sorry to hear about these returning issues with your connection. It does look as though you have been back in touch with the team via Twitter and Phone since posting. Hopefully we were able to offer support and resolve the issues you have been experiencing. 🤞
If you feel you still need support please do let us know and we will offer further assistance. 

Wishing you all the best! 🌞