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Wifi signal dropping out

Rising star

Having problems here again in Area 14 BD2 1LJ with wifi, the signal keeps dropping out affecting emails (curer lost and regained then its spasmodic and web cameras fail, they keep blanking out and coming back, I've done a hub reset as it was suggested on service status there was a signal related issue. (interference)  Seems to have partly settled down again now but I suspect there's an outside issue.  This is when using W11 but iOS iphones x 2 seem ok as does a Macbook.  2 x Ipads lost connectivity to wifi and only reconnected after a reboot of the hub. It's weird.



"a signal related issue. (interference)"  -  is a problem external to you for VM engineers to resolve. 

We do not touch the Hub in these situations as reboots / resets do not fix a fault at the street cabinet.

Thanks I'm aware of this, the last time it was a fractured under road cable.