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Wifi pods order help

Joining in


Hope somebody can help, have gone round in circles for months trying to resolve this.

I'm on a Wifi Max package and Volt customer, have run speed tests on the Connect app and getting scores of 18 Mbps, 26 Mbps etc from my office. Have gone through all the links and previous forum posts to find the information I need and still cannot find a way to order one.

Spoke to Virgin probably a year ago about a different issue, which they said they would send a Wifi pod - but nothing ever came of it. Really appreciate some help with this.



Tuning in

Matt, I’m not sure if you got sorted but I tried various avenues, eventually finding progress by avoiding the 0800 number and calling 0345 4541111 which I found in another thread. I had to provide details etc and it was a tad longer than I’d hoped to be on the phone but the guy was super helpful, pleasant and we received an email confirming a black mesh extender being on order. 

obviously, this isn’t a win until it arrives but I have no reason to doubt it at this stage. I’m also just a vanilla customer so I’m not saying this number is your golden ticket but it worked for me and people seemed to understand when I spoke about the 5x hub not supporting modem only and so on. 

Good luck getting sorted. 

Thanks for reaching out to us @jimbo_hippo, and I'm sorry to hear that ordering a Wi-Fi pod has been difficult.

Do please keep us updated and advise us if more assistance is required.

@Mattb88, I understand that one of my colleagues has worked to assist you on this matter, can you confirm if this has since been resolved?