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Wifi Pods (white) - great tech, shame they're so tetchy

Joining in

So my first pod (#1), just failed to work at all and was sent back. The replacement one (#2) worked fine first time and I added a second pod (#3) for best coverage.

Worked ca. 1 month - then just stopped.

#1 - when plugged in -> light blue light then blue light / green light / no light then cycles back to blue light. Doesn't get assigned an IP address by VM Hub so basically invisible to the network

#2 = when plugged in -> white led then pulsing white led. No assigned IP address.

(does anyone know what the leds mean - i read somewhere that white pulsing is no network signal?)

Both tested less than 10m from VM hub wifi


So basically, two more dead pods?


Joining in

sorry in the post above should be #2 and #3 in paras 3 and 4

Hi @lukes___ 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I'll send you a PM now, can you get me the Pod serial numbers please of the ones you are using, for diagnostic reasons.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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