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WiFi constantly dropping for all devices.

Joining in

My WiFi connections have all been constantly dropping every 30 seconds or so. I have to disconnect and reconnect every time to get it back, menaing I have to toggle wifi multiple times just to do a google search. I've had 3 technician visits, the first one made it even worse and left us with no WiFi at all, the second fixed it and replaced the hub but the same issue came back 2 weeeks later after scheduled works in my area, and the third fixed it again and discovered frost damage to the cable outside which he replaced. However the same issue came back again a few weeks later.

I pay for the top Gig1 service and not only does WiFi drop out all day every day (has done this for over almost a year) but it also doesn't reach my kitchen or attic. I can't test these speeds on the app to order a pod as I have no connection at all. I told every technician about this and was told they would order me pods, but I have never received any pods. No idea what i'm even paying for at this point. Had this package for almost a year and have not had a single day where WiFi just works, even considered buying an ethernet adapter for my phone but really don't think I should have to when I pay £60pm for WiFi that should work.



VM Hub's that hop channels can cause many random dropouts, to prevent this ...

From the VM Hub menu try with :-

1) DISABLE : Wireless Channel Optimization aka Smart Wi-Fi

2) 2.4GHz Wi-Fi set to Channel 1 or 6 or 11

3) 5GHz Wi-Fi set to Channel 36 or 44