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Who should pay to move the underground box .Please suggest

Tuning in


I need suggestions Please.

The underground virgin media box is obstructing the construction of dropped kerb for my driveway.

virgin media is asking 240£ for only planning and later I have to bear the total cost to move the box.

Do I need to pay for all this cost???

Please suggest.



Alessandro Volta

Yes, unfortunately the cost falls on you if you want a dropped kerb.

You pay VM £240 for a survey and they then produce a quote for the work. Based on past topics you may be quoted a 3, 4 or 5 figure sum. Looking at the photo, I doubt it will be 3 figures.

Alessandro Volta

If the surface only has to be dropped an inch or two, it may be that they can just replace the cover at a lower level. But if the whole thing has to be lowered or moved somewhere else it's going to be a costly operation.

You'll only know by asking for the quotation. 

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Community elder

Why wouldn't you have to pay for 'all this cost'?

You want a dropped kerb.

VM have their cabling in a suitable, pre approved location.

Thanks for your reply

thanks for the reply

Tuning in

thanks for the reply. council just wanted to lower the cover. I dont understand why virgin media is asking for this procedure

Alessandro Volta

What's stopping you from just dropping the kerb and having nothing to do with VM?

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

The pavement will be lowered to provide a ramp to the dropped kerb. The council can't leave the chamber poking out of the pavement and can't leave the chamber at the wrong depth in terms of pavement cover. 

Alessandro Volta

Every council will only issue a permit for a dropped kerb if a communications provider is willing to move or strengthen its equipment (like a pole, cabinet, pavement cover or Tee). Note that VM is under no obligation to do anything as this isn't a health or safety issue. The £240 is non-refundable, BTW.

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