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Vmconnect problems

Joining in


I hope someone can help me through this ridiculous roundabout that is virgin customer support.

I followed all the steps through the app multiple times for my signal issue so I can order the pods. After all the checks it kept taking me to the wifi max site which kept telling me to go back to the app. 

I connected customer support who did all the tests and then hanged up ( common selling point with virgin customer support). I called again and went through all the check and tests to be told their system won't allow them to  issue the pods although I'm illegible because of of some preset requirements despite passing their criteria.

After the gentleman reset my router the VM connect app can't find the hub 5 router. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no joy.

What is the point of a signal guarantee if you won't honour it.

I hope someone can shed some light on how get the app to see the hub again and get the illusive pods. 

Any help is appreciated in advance and many Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Phoenixc 

Welcome to our community forums and sorry to hear you are having issues when trying to order WiFi pods. We can understand the frustration caused. To best look into this, we are sending you a private message. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. Let me know if you have any issues locating this. I'll be in touch soon.


Forum Team

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