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VM connect app can't find Hub 5

Joining in

Recently had virgin media technician out as same issue as subject. He has installed a Hub 5 but we are facing same issue with the app.

I would like to control the WiFi remotely by pausing individual devices and use the WiFi pods. 

However the  VM connect app will not to the Hub 5 ( as before with hub 4).

Tried the following troubleshooting steps;

1. Rebooting the Hub 5.

2. Disabling mobile data on my phone.

3. Clearing app cache and reinstalling app.

4. No VPN enabled. 

please help assist. Thanks 



Takes a few days to a week for the VM Connect app to start working with a replacement Hub.
Rebooting the Hub make no difference - you just have to wait.

Wi-Fi Pausing and MAC blocking can be performed from the Hub 5 menu at
Modern laptops and mobiles can & will evade these controls in seconds, it is better to focus on acceptable use.