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VM Connect not connecting to Hub 3

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I have searched through the previous posts on this subject but cannot find a suitable answer other than one which is at least 6 montgs old which Virgin were meant to be rectifying on an urgent basis.  VM Connect worked perfectly with my old Hub 3 both when I had 100 Mbps and when updated to 350 Mbps.  Unfortunately although VM Connect was saying I had about 380 Mbps at the Hub, I was not getting any higher speeds on my devices so VM sent me a new Hub 3.  VM Connect no longer works when trying to measure speeds, it keeps saying "something went wrong" and then if you try again says "poor hub speed 381 Mbps" which is what I would expect the Hub speed to be but it won't give the device speed.  However, Samknows works perfectly well so I know the new Hub gives me better speeds.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @dickeverard, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issues experienced with the Connect App when trying to run speed tests on your new Hub 3.0.

Can you please try clearing the cache on your Connect App and performing a pin hole reset on your Hub 3.0 to see if this will then successfully run the test for you?



I already replied to this, I think.  Saying that I reset my hub earlier today but the problem still persists.

Hi @dickeverard 

Our apologies, we can see that you have another thread opened that you're being supported on regarding this. 
We ask customer not to raise multiple threads on the same concern so we can support within one space more quickly and clearly. This also help our other community members find answers to similar issues they're having. 


If you have any other concerns regarding this. Please respond on your original thread and we'll continue to support your from there.  

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