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VM Connect app showing a laptop device as a TV Box

Just joined

Decided to try out the VM Connect app, seems to have potential but when I was looking at the Virgin media devices that are connect to the hub, I noticed it said I have a Virgin TV Box connected. After some investigation, I found out that the mac address belongs to my wife's work laptop.

Not much of an issue but as an example, if I wanted to pause the internet to that device, I wouldn't be able to as VM Connect doesnt offer pausing capability if the Hub deems the device a Virgin device (TV box, Pod, etc.)

Anyone have a similar issue? Any fixes?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi VictorEscalona,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

How very strange, I'm sorry to hear that's happening. 

Can you please try forgetting the saved network on your Wife's work laptop and setting up the network again? I'd also recommend factory resetting the Hub to help give everything a refresh.

Please let us know once you've done this and we'll be happy to help further.