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Unknown devices

Joining in

Ok. This is one of the most frustrating things I have ever had to deal with. On the Connect app, you can see what devices are connected to your internet and what aren't right? Well, some other people had the same problem as me.

When you get on to the app, you see named devices and 'unknown' devices. I know I can track each devices down by its MAC address. But some of them are devices that I don't even have. Even worse, there are 2 of some devices with almost the same name. I figured out which one is which, but there are still a ton of devices that I don't know of. 

Can someone please tell me what it is because it is pushing me over the edge.


Also, why does it say, when I get to the admin settings, someone else is currently using it? I am the only one who knows how to work it (password and url etc.). 



Current computers and mobile devices have MAC Address Randomisation.

This enables the device to change its identity (every 24 hours or less) and to establish a new connection under a new MAC address.

The Hub's DHCP server has a 24 hours lease, so over time the abandoned MACs will be cleared of the list.

I get what you are saying. But why do I have a 'Sony Phone'?? I don't have a Sony phone!

Imagine this:

I have a 'Popcorn's MacBook Pro'. But then, I have a 'Popcorn Mac pro'. Slightly different names. Different MAC addresses as well. So, I pause the MacBook that has a different MAC address than the one I have. The MacBook I have works perfectly fine. Where did the other one go?

Oh yes, and are they able to unpause itself after a while? Because I pause 12-13 devices the day before and when I return the next day, all of them are just continuing using the network.

WiFi Pausing not working ?

The day is done for WiFi Pausing.

Current computers and mobile devices have MAC Address Randomisation this enables the device to change its identity and to regain a connection.

The upside of this is 30 mins per day limits of free WiFi in hotels / airport can now easily be exceeded.

The down side is the exact same mechanism enables a Paused WiFi device to quickly regain access on a home network.

Education is the way forward.

I know its way too late, but just in case anyone stumbles across the thread like I did... I worked out that "Sony Phone" is in fact the Sony PlayStation