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Treadmill causing interference.

Joining in

Hoping for some help. 

We work from home and have connected the upstairs office to the router (Hub 5) via a Virgin Media supplied booster. I can't run a ethernet across the house the booster has been a good solution. 

All been fine till I got a treadmill. As soon as it's plugged in the internet speeds slow to a crawl upstairs. Googling tells me it's causing interference via the socket and the booster is picking this up. I've got the office on the second floor. I tried the treadmill on the ground floor (it was originally on the 1st floor) and I still have the same issue. 

Can anyone advise? Thank you. 



This reads as if the treadmill lacks a (or has a defective) mains EMI filter.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Maybe a ferrite core on the mains lead from the treadmill may help?  Speak to your electrician for advice, or get rid of the Treadmill ....  😉

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