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Took my money, No service.

Just joined

i've tried setting up direct debit a few times but the process was always convoluted, i must manually call to pay each month, complete pain, slipped my mind last month, service restricted this month, i paid two months worth, site still saying i haven't paid, it's clearly gone out of the bank, i've been caught by this before and ended up paying twice in the past, so i know not to trust the awful site.
attempting to call they want some "memorable word", i do not remember it, i've literally a lifetime of better things to remember than some random word this awful ISP wants me to remember.
all routes in the phone system go to either "we'll text you a link" or "see the website for more information" - the only way i can get to speak to a real person is by going down the cancellation route, which i would do in a heartbeat but they automatically renewed my contract in februrary so i'm stuck with this tripe for another 18 months... and the cherry ontop, the cancellation option dials once... goes silent and hangs up

the online chat gives me some stupid barcode thing, completely useless, the phone directs me to the useless website, the customer service hangs up

they have my money, my internet is still not connected

i am so frustrated.
awful, awful, awful company.

Yes, i have rebooted router
Yes, i have reseated the network cable
Yes, i have disabled and re-enabled the network adapter in windows
Yes, the money has gone out of my bank, confirmed

I want my service. i pay for the largest package they provide and this is the way they treat their customer.


Just joined

amazing... it miraculously came online minutes after posting this... why can't they just do customer service like a normal company instead of gaslighting their customers to save face.
I will be cancelling the moment their contractual grip is no longer valid.
Awful awful awful company.

Hi @bugz000 

Welcome to our community service and sorry to hear you have been having issues with your service and when making payments. We can understand your frustration and want to best help. Typically you can make payments as seen here and you can set up your direct debit here If you are still facing service issues, please let us know and we can run some tests for you. We would hate to see you go as a customer.


Forum Team

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