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Tapo devices not connecting to Virgin router

Joining in

Hi Steven

I have been trawling the community for some help with our router as I have a very similar problem. I'd really appreciate some help and advice. would you mind getting in touch with me?

Thanks very much.

Jon Howes



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Which VM Hub has been supplied ?

Some customers make progress by disabling VM Hub's 5GHz Wi-Fi for a period, to ensure the IoT and its management app on a mobile are both operating via the same 2.4GHz band during the connection & setup process.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This type of problem makes me very glad that my Wireless Access Points allows for 24 SSIDS, 8 for 2.4Ghz, 8 for 5Ghz and 8 for 6Ghz. You can then have individual bands and combined band SSIDs.

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Alessandro Volta

Simple fix is to use hub in modem mode with a better 3rd party router with 1Gb ports