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Super hub 3 solid red light

Tuning in

I have a solid red light on my super hub 3. It was only changed a couple of weeks ago. 
the router is out in the open so should not be over heating. I get occasional drop out


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good evening @rebster 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. It may just be a failing LED light but to be sure, could you please can you try the below; 

•             Turn the power switch off on the back of the Hub.
•             Ensure the Hub is upright, in a well-ventilated location and out of direct sunlight, if possible. 
•             Switch the hub back on at the power. The Hub should now operate normally

Let us know if this fixes things 🙂

Forum Team

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Hello John

i can confirm, I have switched off the router and back on. The red light is still present and the hub feels quite hot to the touch. Is it possible to request a new router for peace of mind. I’m guessing as this is an old model now most replacements are refurbished items. If possible I would like a new replacement please

Thanks for the reply @rebster on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

We appreciate you letting us know that the above has not worked.
If the hub is overheating more than usual - please do turn the hub off and take it out and leave it to cool down somewhere safe to prevent any fire damage.

I will continue in getting this replaced as it does need to be addressed.
I will send a private message.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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thank you very much for your help. I look forward to my new router