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Should I get a TP Link router for a new out building

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Hi, if you wanted to get your 1GB Internet out to an outbuilding to work from home and use a smart TV (no V box required for TV) am I right in thinking I should sort the following-

-An ethernet cable from Virgin Hub out to the building

-if wifi is required then a modem such as the TP Link modem that enables 1GB speed. 

-if no WiFi required then I can split ethernet for laptop/TV but this might split the speed? 

Thanks so much all



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you do not have WiFi you can get a network switch and this will not affect the speed, if fact it will always be faster than WiFi, due to the way WiFi works. If you require WiFi it’s still better to just get a network switch and a wireless access point, a full blown router is total overkill.

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Very Insightful Person

+1 for above suggestions.  Just make sure all procured kit is Gigabit capable.

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Very Insightful Person

As the other chaps have said...

... and the one below acts as a 4 port switch and a wifi access point - it can also be used as a router if needed in the future - ours works great in "access point mode"



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