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Re: Unrecognised devices on Connect app

Tuning in

Did you get anywhere this? I'm in the same boat.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi chase47,

Thanks for coming back to us. Can we ask if you have been able to reset you Wi-Fi password as advised in the previous post. Has this allowed the unrecognised devices to drop off?

Kind regards Jodi. 

Joining in

This was the reply I got from a mod:

In some cases the app can get confused and name devices wrongly, please do not be concerned regarding this. If you would like some reassurance you can reset your hub to factory settings and this will make sure all devices need to be connected from scratch.

How do I reset the hub to factory settings please?


How do I reset the hub to factory settings please?

Hey @kmbusinessstart,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

You are able to learn how to change things within your Hub via our website here, if you do require further help, please do let us know.