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Poor Signal and Connect App Not Working

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I had Virgin installed yesterday and we receive poor signal in our kitchen. The engineer put notes on the system to say we need a pod booster which we should be eligable for as we have o2 for our phones. The Virgin connect app however does not find the Hub (tried multiple times, reinstalled, different phone etc) so therefore I cant test the speeds. Can someone please take a look into it?



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I will also add that Volt is not showing up on the my02 account, not sure why as we are on a pay monthly etc. Either way, we really do need a pod booster asap as anything in our kitchen keeps dropping out as we had to have the VM hub next to the TV in the living room instead of where our old router was in the middle of the house by the phone socket.


I have had virgin fitted recently and I cannot get the hub 4 to connect to the virgin connect app too. It appears to be a regular problem and a pain. I rang them on 150 and they get you to go to a website called 

This tests the router and WiFi speeds, they will get you to move around your house and run the test. Once it's a bad reading (under  30mb) they will send you the first booster pod. 

Hey andyccfc, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear this.

I can see from our end you've spoke to the team, did they manage to get you one ordered? 

Matt - Forum Team

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