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Placement of black wifi pods

On our wavelength

Is there a correct way to place the black wifi pod? For example with the power button facing the wall and the other side, with the grey cloth covering, pointing into the room. Or should it sit like the SH5 with the thin side with the virgin logo label pointing in the room? Or does none of this matter at all 😇


Alessandro Volta

Just plug in the wall or none of it matters at all just test your speed each time to find where best to put it.



Placement is far more critical that orientation.

The VM Pod is WI-Fi repeater it must be placed in a location where there is still a decent signal from the VM Hub.

The classic school boy error is to place a VM Pod ( or any Wi-Fi repeater ) in a distant room next to a TV/PC/PS5 etc i.e. in a location where there is zero or very minimal Wi-Fi from the VM Hub.


It doesn't matter, you'll never get virgin media any better. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello almark.

Thanks for asking the question about placement of the black pod.

From what has been advised already it sounds like you have the answer.

Can we just ask how the pod has settled onto the network now?

If you need anymore help or have any questions, or even if you require an additional pod? Can you please let us know.