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Password keeps saying incorrect

Joining in

I have a new router, hub 5 and every time i input the password to connect a device to it it says incorrect passcode.

Please don't just say reset as i have done this so many times over the last 4 weeks, also YES i am entering the password in correctly, no i have never changed it as i can't use the wifi & yes the card on the back matches the sticker with the same password.

I have had this router since the beginning of December and have not been able to connect once, when i call all i get is reset - nothing works......


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @LaurenF21 

Sorry to see the problems you are having trying to get an internet connection.

The sticker with the SSID, wifi password and settings password on my hub5 are on the base of the unit, not the back. There is also a tab towards the bottom of the hub to pull out with the wifi password login details (although I was never able to pull mine out)

It's possible that it's not a new hub and that the login details have been changed from the default.

Have you factory reset the hub using the following method exactly as typed

Disconnect all ethernet cables from the Hub.
With the Hub powered on use a paperclip, or a mobile sim slot tool  and perform a pinhole reset by keeping it pressed in for a timed 60 seconds
DO NOT reboot the hub but allow it 8 to 10 minutes to boot up and settle down.

And, sorry if thisiseems like trying to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs as no offence is intended, but have you made sure that you are entering the wifi password (which is case dependant) and not the settings password which has happened many times on the forums.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Thank you for reply.

have tried everything and nothing is working, I have an engineer booked for Saturday.

Hi LaurenF21,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you were unable to connect your devices to your Hub5, even after following our valued member @newapollo advice and resetting the hub.

We're pleased that our team have booked and engineer out for you to get this issue resolved.

Please let us know how your visit goes on Saturday, and post back to us if you require any further assistance. 

Kind regards Jodi. 

On our wavelength

This is also happening to me. At least 3/4 times a week it keeps saying wrong password. I k ow the password and it’s not wrong. I’ve also reset the router and checked all cables and did all the other rubbish that you keep telling us to do AND still I get it. I e been out all day and just come back home and it’s happened again. I have used hundreds of gigabytes of me my EE data because of this rubbish virgin router. I’ve got router 4 and it is rubbish. I want something done about this now. Worst wifi / Broadband I’ve ever had. I’m getting fed up with it. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @gillhoose 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about the issue with your hub.


Just to double check when you say reset the hub, did you perform a full pinhole reset of the hub to reset this to factory settings?

Forum Team

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Yes I’ve done that over 100 times. It seems to be the answer for ever single fault with you guys. I’m fed up with this rubbish Broadband that I’m paying for. It’s crap. It goes offline every single day sometimes for 5/6/7/8 times a day. It’s total rubbish. 

Hi gillhoose, 

Thanks for taking the time to come back to us in the Community. 

I can see we last spoke to you in January and my colleague sent you a private message which you never replied too. 

We're sorry to hear that this is still an issue for you. With the password error, are you setting your own WiFi password or is this the default one that is on the hub sticker? Is it all devices getting the same error at the same time or just one? 

In terms of the connection itself, your SNR levels are still a little out which can cause intermittent issues. We won't be able to fix this remotely so I would like to arrange for an engineer to come to take a look at this for you. I just need to confirm the address to ensure we are booking the visit on the correct account. 

I have sent you a private message regarding this. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right-hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Hi gillhoose, 

Thanks for coming back to via private message to confirm your information. 

I have booked you in for the next available appointment. To view this please sign in to My Virgin Media here: My VM. Once you log in scroll down to Orders & appointments then click on View your orders. Please note it can take up to 24 hours to show but you should also receive a text message with the details. You can also view this in the My VM app. If you have any issues with accessing your account or unable to see your visit, please do let us know and we’ll pop you a message to pass data protection and confirm the appointment details.

Just to confirm, there will be no charge for this visit unless:

➡ The technician diagnoses the faults as not being caused by our network/equipment 

➡ The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to your equipment

➡ The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to any system that we are not responsible for

➡ The technician will confirm during their visit if any of these instances apply, and if so, a £25 charge will be applied to your account.

Please ensure there is someone over the age of 18 present at the time of the visit. If you need to change or cancel your appointment you can do this online or via the MyVM app by 4pm the day before the appointment. If you do miss an agreed appointment for any reason, a £25 missed appointment charge will be applied to your account on the day of the appointment.

We will continue to monitor your services and if we can see that the fault has cleared and the visit is no longer required we will cancel the appointment and let you know by text and email.

In terms of cancelling or discussing your package, we're unable to do this via the Community. You would need to call and speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111 for them to complete a package review with you. If you're unhappy then they can also take your notice to leave. 

Lets us know how the appointment goes. 

Take care.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Joining in

I had this with an iPhone and a router 5 (other devices worked). Logging into the router and disabling the 5GHz channel apparently fixed this for me (the phone instantly connected after a couple of weeks of not working). I suspect that the 5GHz channel wasn't really getting enough signal while the 2.4GHz was (phone was showing 4/5 bars of coverage).