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Paid for bundle including a Hub 5, received Hub 4.

Joining in

As title says. Just started a new Volt package which is supposed to include a Hub 5 and the engineer has installed a Hub 4.


Hi @kaiba121321 thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

Please be aware, that our guaranteed speeds are via ethernet connection only, not WiFi speeds - can you advise how your speeds are on a wired connection? Receiving a Hub 5 would not necessarily improve the speeds you receive through WiFi.

In terms of the Hub received, we do send out either Hub 4 or 5's to customers on the 1GB package, but we cannot guarantee a certain type of Hub.

Was the type of Hub listed on any pre-contract agreement that you have?

Many thanks


Yes, it literally stated Hub 5 on my bundle, and now after going after Virgin CS to be sent the right one, they've dropped a £35 activation fee on my bill, for activating a hub that was supposed to be included with my bundle to begin with. I'm absolutely fuming honestly. My bill is saying £116.48, which is apparently 2 bills, 1 late fee and a £35 activation fee. The £35 activation fee, I am not paying, not a prayer, I don't owe money for the fact Virgin failed to provide me what I paid for to begin with. The late fee, and last month's bill, that's accidental, I thought that had been taken from my bank account, and technically it was but then it was apparently returned as a failed DD which I also had no idea about, so I have a £7.50 charge on there for something I didn't even realize had happened too.

It was a Volt bundle that included the Hub 5. When I placed the order online it went through on my end, but not on Virgin's end, I got a call from Virgin CS saying about I'd been looking at bundles blah blah, and I told them, yes I placed an order for this Volt bundle, told them what was in it. They tried to upsell me and I wasn't having it, so they offered me MORE than what I was supposed to be getting, for a cheaper price, and I said to them, I made it very clear "This will include EVERYTHING that's in this other bundle right?" and he said yes. So this has been an all round failure from Virgin Media, absolutely astonishing. I was with BT for over 10 years and never had any rubbish like this going on, I join Virgin for a few months and you guys are trying to scam me with hardware different to what was in my bundle, and then trying to charge me for your own mistakes. I'm completely disgusted by the entire situation.

Proof from the email I got placing my order online that I should have received a Hub 5 



i had a hub 5 that went faulty in december 2022 and i had a hub 4 fitted as virgin had removed hub 5 from engineers due to supply. i tried all 2023 to get the hub 5 back  as i spent  money upgrading my laptop wifi6e hardware and my pc to 2,5gb network so now a lot of wasted money.  after a lot of trying was told by virgin that hub 5 has been withdrawn due to software issues in the firmware that is causing reliability issues.

Dont expect any hub 5 to be supplied i think they have dropped this and i cannot get a straight answer and they say the hub4 works with the 1gb broadband speed.

I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened @kaiba121321 can I ask if you received CSS/CIS documents from us when agreeing to this deal? 

If so is the activation fee mentioned? 

Up to speed

The issue is the Hub 4 is only 802.11ac where the Hub 5 is 802.11ax.  VM only guarantees wifi speeds of 30mbps.  suggest you just stick the Hub 4 in modem mode and go out and buy a decent Wifi 6e router and use the 6ghz band to connect.  also even the Hub 5 is only wifi 6 ready with no 6Ghz band. 

I am not a white Hat Hacker, nor a Black Hat Hacker, more 50 shades of Grey

There was no activation fee on any of my documentation. Again, this activation fee wasn't added to my bill until I received and activated the Hub 5, which was MONTHS after I started my contract, after the technician installed a Hub 4 and not a Hub 5. So the activation fee was added on for activating the Hub 5 that I should've received at the very start.

I've since spoken to CS and someone has removed the fee from my bill, as it shouldn't have been there.

I have both a Hub 5 and Hub 4 now. Virgin want me to send the Hub 4 back but considering all the problems I've had with them, I'd like to hold onto it for a while just incase, because I've lost a lot of faith in them already.

Hi kaiba121321, 

Thanks for coming back and updating us. We're happy to hear the team have been able to resolve things now and get the activation fee removed. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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