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PS5s causing network to crash on boot

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Hi there, hoping I can get some advice to help solve my issue.

We have 2 PS5s, both are kept in rest mode, around 80% of the time we boot one of the consoles it'll cause a complete disconnection from the router. It then takes 2-3 mins for the network sort itself out and allow us to continue. Only ever happens when booting the consoles, no other networked devices seem to cause the problem.

We've had 2 or 3 replacement Hubs from Virgin to attempt to resolve the issue but it's still happening over 18 months since joining them. We've the Virgin Media Hub 6 currently, but have at different ones in the past.

Both devices are wired and I've upgraded the ethernet cables to Cat 8 currently but have tried with Cat5e and Cat6 in the past I think. I've also tried with one console connected wired and one wireless and the same problem.

Prior to joining Virgin we were with Eir and never had this problem. Likewise there was a short period we used a Hotspot on a phone to connect both and it wasn't an issue.

Virgin support don't seem to have any idea on what they can do, currently they're sending a Technician out in 10 days time but I don't expect it'll solve anything for me.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

May possibly be a DHCP problem. Try giving each device a fixed IP address in the device, not a reserved IP address in the hub.

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