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Non contract broadband

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Hello everyone,

  My contract expires this Friday and I want to switch to non-contract broadband. I noticed that the price will increase to £50 at the end of my contract, which is too expensive. However, I have no way of signing a new contract because I will be moving out of my current address in July and the other house is already tied to an existing broadband contract. Is there any staff that can offer me a short discount to continue using Virgin until July? many thanks.



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You won't get a discount unless you recontract.

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Technically your contract doesn’t expire on Friday, what happens is that you exit the minimum term, (usually 18 months), any discount finishes and now you are paying the full rate, £50 or so.

As you have admitted that you will be moving out in four, or so, months time and will no longer be a VM customer then, there really isn’t no incentive for VM to bend over backwards to help you is there, because, be honest, they exist to make money, like every other commercial entity.

You have three choices.

1) Do nothing, allow the minimum term to expire and pay the full monthly fee, for the next few months, but this gives you the right to cancel in June (allowing for the 30 days notice period) without any penalty.

2) Sign up for a new contract at a reduced rate, but this almost certainly will require you to commit to paying this for the next 18 months, or pay a hefty early disconnection fee in June

3) You investigate short term alternatives, (a 4G or 5G provider may offer rolling monthly contracts). You cancel your VM subscription now and use an alternative provider for the next few months.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @TheonShun 

It will probably work out dearer if you can have it, but have a chat with retentions (thinking of leaving) and ask if you are elligible for one of the 30 day rolling contract deals.  (You might need to open the following link in an incognito window) 

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