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No internet for 5 days

Joining in

For the past 5 days I've had no internet, tv or phone. I know this is a local issue but I keep receiving differing times and dates for when it's due back on. Can anyone advise how long it usually takes and can It be at any time that you are reconnected. It's very frustrating as it has led to monetary loss.


Alessandro Volta

Between the service status checker

and the automated service status number 0800 561 0061 you should be able to keep track of the issue. The phone number is thought to be more reliable for local issues. Obviously accessing both by a mobile device if you can.

Once you have logged the issue with VM by phoning in to report a total loss of service you should be eligible for compensation

The fix times VM gives out are nothing more than estimates and the services can come back on at any time and in any order. Periodically rebooting the hub during the day can sometimes re-establish the broadband once the issue has been fixed rather than waiting for VM to report a fix or automatically reboot the equipment.