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No Lan or WiFi, but only on x1 ps5

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for the past 2 mornings for some reason my ps5 (and only my ps5) will not connect to the internet via either the Ethernet cable, or WIFI. Every other device in the house is working fine. Yesterday morning the app advised restarting the router, this fixed the problem and all was well! This morning it has gone back to LAN connection failed, and saying WiFi connection may be too weak. Can someone tell me any reason why please?? 



Is the PS5 network cabled direct to the VM Hub ?

Or are your plugging a network cable from the PS5 into a Wi-Fi Repeater or a VM Pod or a Powerline Extender etc ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Danhtid 

The issue with the LAN connection may be due to a faulty or loose ethernet cable.

Have you tried reseating the cable, replacing the cable, or using a different ethernet port?

There's suggestions for PS wifi issues on the following external  page /ps5-not-connecting-to-wifi-internet which may help


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Hi, I have the cable coming from the VM router to a switch at the back of my TV, with several items plugged into it. I initially thought that the switch was faulty, but discounted that theory as surely the PS5 would still connect to WIFI?? I will swap the switch out tomorrow with a new one and see how I get on, but I am so confused at why restarting the router would fix the issue if it was indeed the switch that was the problem. Thank you for the response 

Hi Dave, thank you for replying, all cables seem to be sat correctly, and have tried others. I am thinking the switch is at fault so will swap out tomorrow and hope for the best 


Switch failure clues are seeing other devices failing to connect or failing to operate normally.

A faulty switch port will usually consistently work poorly / not regardless of the device is connected ( TV or PS5 ).