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No Internet available for my mobile on hub 3.0

Tuning in


I'm having really awful issues with my broadband. It's either not working at all with issues in my area or only providing internet for some devices and not others. Today I have no access to the internet on my mobile phone (never had issues before and phone is on O2). The message I get is that I'm connected to my hub but it can't provide internet. My Ring Cameras are also failing to connect when I've had no issues before. I've turned the router on and off at least 3 times, I've restarted all the devices, tried to reset through the Virgin Media app but even that failed! I've forgotten the network, restarted my phone and absolutely nothing has worked. I've had enough now, wish I wasn't convinced to move to Virgin 😞


Tuning in

I've got the exact same issue, and posted about it about 15 mins ago. Neither my Sony personal mobile or Samsung work mobile will connect to the internet via the hub. At least we know we aren't alone! 

Hi HazzaL,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some connection issues. I've had a look at things from our side and can see  you've been in touch to arrange an engineer visit.

Let us know how this goes.