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New Hub 4 - No management page after entering password - it's blank and just loads for ever

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Just installed a hub 4, swapping out an older hub 3 - it's in and working but I get a blank page which stays constantly loading when browsing to 192.168.01

I have Amazon eeros plugged into ethernet port 1, they are working luckily and broadcasting my SSID, all my devices are connected and are on-line.  The problem is I would like enable modem mode on the hub 4, do I really have to re-set it already to see If I can get access, it's only been in situ for 30 minutes.  When I first logged into the management interface I skipped changing the password, not sure if that has any bearing on things, I doubt it, this seems to be a widespread issue.

Short question, how can I get access to the management interface to enable modem only mode?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Maybe browser settings or an add-on / extension is causing this. Does the issue persist when using:

  • browser's Incognito / Private mode
  • an alternative browser?

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