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Low downstream and high upstream - I guess I need to take time off work for a visit ?

Joining in

Our hub 3 has been struggling even morethan usual today, with several occasions where it dropped connection and then strugggled with a cycle of green flashing lights before I power cycled it. From what I can see the downstream levels are all low (too negative) and with only one upstream channel with high power and 16 qam theres something wrong in cabling terms ? I'm not sure I can face the hassle of the telephone obstacle course, and even if I do I'm not sure I can arrange to be at home when the option comes up for an engineer visit ! 



Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID

1323000000-6.737256 qam24
2203000000-8.536256 qam9
3211000000-8.736256 qam10
4219000000-9.235256 qam11
5227000000-9.735256 qam12
6235000000-9.935256 qam13
7243000000-10.735256 qam14
8251000000-11.235256 qam15
9259000000-936256 qam16
10267000000-8.236256 qam17
11275000000-8.237256 qam18
12283000000-7.937256 qam19
13291000000-7.737256 qam20
14299000000-7.436256 qam21
15307000000-7.237256 qam22
16315000000-737256 qam23
17331000000-6.237256 qam25
18339000000-5.937256 qam26
19347000000-5.737256 qam27
20355000000-6.237256 qam28
21363000000-7.937256 qam29
22371000000-8.237256 qam30
23379000000-8.237256 qam31
24387000000-8.737256 qam32

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Locked Status RxMER (dB) Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors


Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID

14309992256.5512016 qam2

Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts


Network Log

Time Priority Description

25/02/2024 15:12:11notice

LAN login Success;

25/02/2024 15:12:7Warning!

LAN login FAILED : Incorrect Username / Password / ConnectionType;

25/02/2024 15:08:0Warning!RCS Partial Service;CM--VER=3.0;
25/02/2024 15:08:0criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;
25/02/2024 15:03:36criticalReceived Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;
25/02/2024 15:02:45criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;
25/02/2024 15:02:16criticalREG RSP not received;
25/02/2024 15:02:16ErrorT6 Timeout and retries exceeded;
01/01/1970 00:02:31Warning!ToD request sent - No Response received;
01/01/1970 00:01:43criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;
25/02/2024 14:58:47Warning!RCS Partial Service;
25/02/2024 14:58:45Warning!Lost MDD Timeout;
25/02/2024 14:58:45Warning!RCS Partial Service;
25/02/2024 14:58:44Warning!Lost MDD Timeout;
25/02/2024 14:58:37Warning!RCS Partial Service;
25/02/2024 14:58:36Warning!Lost MDD Timeout;
25/02/2024 14:58:36Warning!RCS Partial Service;
25/02/2024 14:58:35ErrorService Change Response rejected - Invalid transaction ID;
25/02/2024 14:58:35Warning!RCS Partial Service;
25/02/2024 14:58:34Warning!Lost MDD Timeout;



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey TimTheVanMan,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your connection at the moment, I can see that you have been able to speak to the team and get a technician visit booked in. Please let us know how the visit goes, if you get the chance that is 👍

Kind Regards,


Joining in

A really helpful and knowledgable technician has just fixed our connection !

The issue was with the isolator in the wall socket. Signals were good before that and bad after. A previous fix some years ago had left us with a 10dB attenuator, and he took that away too.

We now have downstream levels at 0-5 dBmV and 5 upstream at 46 dBmV. The upstream channels are only at 16qam.

I havent run a speed test for quite some time, but right now I'm seeing 36 down and 25 up on ookla. Given that the virgin package we pay for shows 250, that seems pretty poor ? 


The Upstream should be 64 QAM with between 4 and 6 channels connected.
Try 0800 561 0061 to see if there is a known noise fault in your street.  
There may be more to fix.

Use this test to see the service speed to the Hub and from the Hub to your devices.
Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

Hi TomTheVanMan, 

Thanks for taking the time to update us via the Community. 

We're happy to hear the engineer was able to get some things sorted for you but I'm sorry to hear that issues have continued. 

Taking a look at things this end, the hub is showing all good. All power & signal levels are optimal. Your downstream and upstream are connecting correctly too. There is nothing in the area affecting either. 

Can you please ensure you're you're running the speed test through SamKnows and also ensure you're connected via an ethernet cable to get a true reflection of the speed. 

Pop a screenshot of your results here so we can help advise further. 


Forum Team

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