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Long term outage - can I cancel my contract?

Joining in

Can anyone advise on my legal position regarding cancelling my contract. I am about six months into a long term fibre broadband contract and I have a total outage. Apparently there is a problem with the cables out in the street. I told Virgin my services were out early hours of 13th November, and an engineer visited and confirmed it was an external problem. Virgin are quoting me a fox date of 14th December and offering me nothing by way of a work around (e.g. mobile internet).  Under these circumstances can I cancel my contract without incurring early cancellation fees?


Super solver

If the problem lies within their network, and they can’t fix it within 30 days, they must offer you the right to exit your contract without being penalised.

You are also entitled to automatic compensation 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
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