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Logged a complaint that was unfulfilled and closed without resolution in 2 minutes

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Spoke through a webchat team to resolve a network? wifi issue at my property over the last 4-6 weeks, was told the only resolution is to upgrade my package which i declined, i was then told if i log a complaint i will need to pay £25 for an engineer call out and the only possible outcome is an upgrade to get a pod for an cost above my upgrade. i asked if i could have a transcript of the webchat emailed to me as i want to log a complaint, to which i recieved a message saying his shift was finished and i got sent to the main chatbot.

i waited for another agent who read the notes and booked a technician for the next day between 8am-12 and logged the complaint to which i did not get any emails saying that the complaint had been logged, and to top it of the technician did not show up the next day


i rang Virgin who told me that nothing was in the diary yet i have a screenshot of the confirmed arrangements, who then booked another appointment for friday  i asked for a complaint to be logged around the customer service, around 2 mins later i got an email saying the case has been resolved, which is untrue, 

The technician arrived friday morning and changed the hub, however he could not fix the issue, i still have no signal upstairs in my property. 


i WFH and my kids go high school and are not able to connect from their bedrooms or use their mobiles

looking at forums this seems to be a common theme of complaints not being taken serious, when i rang up and asked for a deadlock letter i was told i would get a call back to discuss, however i did not get a call back, very frustrating as a customer, i find it very hard to get through to a team member however im sure i wold get a response if i cancelled my direct debit


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just to add, i have no emails of verification to say that my complaint has been logged, nor have i been contacted 


You might consider a Wi-Fi Mesh for your home. 
There are plenty of upsides to owning the network gear and having full control over it.

Do be aware the VM complaint processes are akin to shouting into a black hole.

Hey Dyal_86, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

What is happening with the broadband, and how long has this been happening for? 

I've run some tests and everything is look okay on our end.

Matt - Forum Team

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