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Internet hub is resetting itself every 10 minutes

Joining in

We have had Virgin installed into our house and have had nothing but trouble with it since we made the switch.

Multiple engineers, multiple new hubs, all wires changed and so many resets it beggars belief yet the hub still decides it needs to reset itself every 10 minutes.


My wife and I both work from home so this ‘super fast broadband’ we were promised seemed like a fantastic idea.


Why does my hub feel the need to constantly reset itself no matter how many different hubs they give us?


Alessandro Volta

This usually happens if there is a circuit impairment.  Do the neighbours have the same problem as an area issue would be felt there too?

We would need to see your Power Levels, upstream/downstream to do a first diagnosis.  The VM Forum Team take a while to get round to any thread and Community members know more about this stuff than they do (though they have the tools to look at your circuit).

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello ChurJo.

Sor for the delay in getting back your post.

Can we just say thank you first for bringing this to our attention.

From what you have written it's not a great experience for you and your wife.

You are in the right place for help though and we will do our best to get the issues resolved.

If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check your logo at the  top right of your screen that would be great.