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I'm not happy

Joining in

They have been chasing me for feedback for a long time.
My contract started on 21.03.2023.
The service is excellent, the price is low, no problems - I was happy.
It turned out that in February 2024 I had to leave the apartment where I lived. Since I was happy with the service, I checked the Virgin Media website to see if the service was also available on my new address. Yes - happiness. (I took a screenshot)
On 15.02.2024, I announced to Virgin Media that on 24.02.2024 I will be move from my current address and transferring to the new one, where I want to take my account with me, as there is a "MOVE" option.
I was given a date of 29.02.2024 for the move of the service, which can be said to be good.
The agent wanted to talk me into a new service at all costs and did not understand my needs. I pointed out that I just wanted to move, to take my current contract with me, which I am satisfied with. Since I received a "so as a result of booking your move today, you may receive a minimum term contract to your new address. Please disregard this" - I saved the entire conversation.
Virgin Media changed the switch on date several times, so finally on 26.04.2024 - two months later -the engineer managed to turn on the internet in my apartment with my help.
What do I mean?
If a service is available in one place, you don't need two months to switch it on.
If I say that I am able to transfer the old contract to a new address, then they will not force a new contract, with a new term, and a new price on the person concerned, without their consent, because that is unfair, isn't it?
If I see that the switch-in address in a house with more apartments is "Flat7", then they assume that the apartment is "higher up" and they don't send out JUST ONE worker, because then - if I don't help him - the switch-in will be missed again.
I'm disappointed because I feel like I was tricked - nothing happened as they said/described. The last time I saw such business conduct on "Balkan" was in the early 2000s.
I'm very unhappy now.
Customer service? A joke.
Would I recommend it to a friend? Never.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

I'm really sorry to hear you've not had the best experience when moving our services to your new address. 

I'd really like to help and raise a complaint for you. I'll work with you to offer a resolution.

I've sent you a private message so I can take your account details