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Hub not found in Connect app

Tuning in

Hi, I too have had the same issue. Tried everything and raised a ticket and a very helpful support lady spent ages getting me to try various things but to no avail. Any suggestions? 


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Crystal ball time .... Is this a Hub 4 with a failed admin menu ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @daltonian,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help. 

I'm sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with the Connect App detecting your Hub. Is this problem ongoing today? If so, is this a Hub that's been recently installed? Have you ensured that your device with the Connect App has the latest version installed along with the latest operating software?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach_R, Yes problem still ongoing. I installed a new hub 4 last Feb. It works fine except that the VM Connect App doesn't recognise it. I have reinstalled the App and reset the router to pickup the latest software.


Yes it is.

Sorry to hear this, can you tell me what error message is it giving you?

Does it let you get past the login page at all?

Matt - Forum Team

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