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Hub 5x Modem Mode

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Hi all, What’s the deal with modem mode on the hub 5x, is it available or not? My install is due in March and I triple checked with support that I could use my own router, which they confirmed I could in modem mode. However, it appears that they were referring to the hub 5 and not the 5x, which I’ll be honest, I didn’t know existed until recently.



Hub 5x (for XGS-PON connection) does not have Modem mode. Modem mode may come in 2024.

Hub 3/4/5 (for CATV & RFoG connections) all have both Router and Modem modes.

Alessandro Volta

They hoped no one would know...we've going to know


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Hi there, I am in the same boat. I have my own router and I wanted the modem only mode which Virgin reassured me it is possible with the hub they provide. To my surprise when I loged in the settings of the hub 5x there was no option for the modem only. There is a way to navigate to the modem only setting page by changing the url in your browser, however when you activate it the router goes into stall mode and you have to reset it. 

My solution for the moment was to keep the DHCP server on in the virgin hub, connect the ethernet cable to port 4 (10GBPS port), connect the other end to my router WAN port and then set the WAN setting from PPoE to DHCP. That way my router got a unique IP address for the WAN from the DHCP server of the virgin hub but kept all the static IPs I have set up around my house on a separate subnet.

Then I deactivated all the firewalls and wireless networks of the virgin hub.

Now I am keep checking every now and then the settings page of the virgin media hub for when the modem option only option appears. I spoke with customer support and they aim to have the feature released in the next 3 months so maybe you are lucky and it will be available when you get connected.

If all fails remember you have 14 days from the day they connect you to change your mind and cancel the contract.

Hope all these help.

Alessandro Volta

3 months you say...🤔


Alessandro Volta

Have VM ever said that they WILL bring modem mode to the 5x?

I've only seen 'not yet'. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

Their are many way CGNAT can be done I can see how VM can do it the worse way and not the way I would like if it ever come to that.

I think it be easier for router mode users to be on CGNAT and modem mode full IP which I think is fair and easy.