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Hub 5

Tuning in

I had a HUB 5 fitted recently, it appears the WPS button doesnt work , i cant get remote printing via my mobile. 

i could before the hub 5 was fitted, do i need a different hub or another engineer visit ?




Check in the Hub 5 menu to see if the WPS button is enabled.

Is your printer connected to the VM Hub 5 ? i.e. does it print from you mobile / laptop when at Home ?

Assuming the printer is working when at home ... A change of Hub mean a change of public IP, does that needs to be checked and adjusted in the remote printing process ?

As a side note, we have an Epson printer/scanner it is network cable connected, this give 100% reliability.
We did try Wi-Fi printing and is worked some of the time without intervention, that was not close to good enough.