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Hub 5 reboot broke wifi

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Been having fun (if one could call it that…) since around 7am this morning after I reboot my Hub 5. None of my devices will reconnect and that is even after so many attempts at rebooting, pinhole reset and even two phone calls to VM (that took a lot for me to do as I am not great on the phone to other people outside my family) that I’d say averaged around 30 minutes each. First one wasn’t very helpful as I got cut off though I got the other one to do a reset on their end thinking that might fix my issue and it didn’t so now I’m at odds as to what more I can do. Everything is showing up good on VM end or so the person on the second call said but still none of my devices can connect to wifi and at this point I think I need a replacement hub, unless someone can suggest to me here something that will get my devices reconnected as a reboot really shouldn’t have brought this amount of issues my way.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Did you try the full 60 second pinhole reset as below?   If successful the SSID for the Wifi will be set to factory settings as per the bottom of the Hub, with a single SSID for both Wifi bands.

Did you change this at anytime, i.e. set a new SSID or split the Wifi bands?  If so, this will need to be setup again after a pinhole reset.

60 second factory pinhole reset below;
Remove any ethernet cables from the Hub and hold the pinhole reset switch for 60 seconds. Do NOT reboot the Hub, just let it do it's thing. Note you will need the passwords from the bottom of the Hub afterwards, so make sure they are legible. NOTE this will remove any custom settings you may have set in the Hub, and they will all have to be setup again.

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Alessandro Volta

Yup you need a new hub



Yes, I tried the full 60 seconds pinhole reset and I thought I was getting somewhere as the hub was repeatedly restarting and eventually showed a flashing yellow light but now it is back to solid white and I still can’t get devices to connect over wifi.
As for any changes made, no they were all at default before I had this issue.
Has been a frustrating day 😞


Connect a laptop to the Hub via a network cable, inspect the configuration of the Wireless SSID / Password, make sure the SSID and Passwords you expect the Hub to be using are how the Hub is configured..

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small update on this but at around 10pm last night I switched the Hub 5 off from its power switch at the back for idk maybe 10 minutes and upon the solid white light returning devices are now connected again! (I did try that multiple times over the course of yesterday). Guess I've learnt not to touch reboot or factory reset within the Hub settings page or on the VM Connect app if I want to avoid a repeat of this. From now on I think I will leave any reboots down to whenever VM has to do them and pray that this doesn't play out when those happen (future firmware updates would be the only thing that springs to mind here)