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Hub 5 and IPv6

Joining in

Hi All,

I have a Hub 5 and i'm trying to connect 2 x Nest Protect smoke\Co2 alarms to the WiFi but it keeps failing. After speaking to Nest support they say it is due to the Hub not doing IPv6, is there any plans to roll this out?

How do other Virign Hub use this Nest product if at all?

Kind Regards



7 years and still waiting, you aint kidding.... guess if you want Nest Protect don't have Virgin which is annoying.


not doing IPv6 - that class one highland cattle excrement !

"it keeps failing" - what is the "it" that falls over ?  what are the error messages ?

On the last stage of the setup, on setting up WiFi on the Nest Protect, Nest support diagnosed the issue being it relies on IPv6 and not IPv4.


first one is after I enter the WiFi password etc and even see the device's Mac address on the router before some 1 or 2 mins later I get the failure.


Tuning in

Old but I searched for IPv6 since I joined the forum anyway. It's really disappointing to hear Google blame this on lack of IPv6 - that's just not the case. IPv6 is _very_ nice to have, though even if I had IPv6 from Virgin it wouldn't change much personally - I'd prefer to use my own IPv6 space via tunnels to a VPS where BGP is possible anyway, so I'm not dependent on the physical link to my home network (I can change ISPs, use multiple ISPs, etc, without any impact to my network).

But... I'm not remotely a realistically average person for a lot of reasons (cost, technical complexity, complete lack of privacy online as anyone can find my full legal name and address easily), and IPv6 has benefits for everyone. No more NAT, no more being affected by rate limits imposed on others in your home/office, access IPv6-only services likely to start appearing as IPv4 gets increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain, etc.

Google, however, are definitely not in that latter category (they have a lot of IPv4 space) and their products all support IPv4... their support should know this, not blame something unrelated to the actual issue.


I suspect the Nest unit a 2.4GHz only device is not able to connect to the 802.11ax / Wi-F6 service of the Hub 5.