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Hub 5 Keeps losing connection

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Hi, "Upgraded" to the hub 5 and have suffered countless connection problems. I randomly lose connections from my devices, wireless and wired. I've had red flashing light several times, currently there is an issue in the area and I can barely watch TV let alone get a game of COD. I know, 1st world problems, but its very frustrating. I randomly a speed test today and got 1.8Gb, which while very nice is clearly wrong. I did see that some fixes for this was an engineer coming out to fix the speed. Is there any way this can be checked for me? 


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I ran a speed test, not randomly a speed test. 


If there is a known fault, speed tests etc are not a fix.

Call 0800 561 0061 - this automated number may give you a clue when the service will be fixed.