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Hub 5 Firmware Update?

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My Hub 5 was flashing green all day today. It was okay after a reboot, but I read this could be related to a failed firmware update.

I am still on the August firmware LG-RDK_3.18.30-2112.12

Has there been a new release recently which may have failed on my Hub?


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Hi this new update LG-RDK_4.6.24-2206.7 has broken my network

I have a lot of Tapo power plug devices which use 2.4GHz wifi and then connect to Tapo servers so I can turn these plugs on/off from Google home etc.

This new update seems to have broken the connection between the plugs and the internet.  Sometimes they show as connected by Wifi but this remains the case even when they're unplugged so can't possibly be connected.  The hub 5 webpage is obviously not refreshing even after logging out and in and clicking refresh etc

If I reboot it seems to work again for a short while on some devices then falls over.

Guess I will now have to buy a router and put the hub 5 in modem mode, can virgin send me a few hundred quid for the cost ?  🙂


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If I switch the 2.4GHz WiFi to WPA3-SAE then the group of Tapo plugs can now connect, but this then breaks other eqpt which only supports WPA2.

If I put it on WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE then the Tapo plugs don't work...

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @mikez 

If it isn't onm then  turn on the guest network on the hub and see if the Tapo plugs will connect to it.

Advanced Settings > Wireless > Guest network

You can also change the security in there for the guest network

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I need it to be on the same network as everything else really.   I have sort of managed to bodge it working by now by first putting in WPA3 mode and forcing the tapo plugs to connect to that , then changing it back to WPA3/WPA2 mode and reconnecting the WPA2 devices.  Now everything is working but as the modem seems to reboot itself it at least once a week around midnight I sort of expect it to all fall over shortly !

It seems that the new firmware broke/changed something in the WPA2 encryption certainly on 2,4Ghz.  I've read others have had trouble with WPA3 compatibility too

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Proved impossible to make it work now the hub 5 has got updated firmware, so I switched off the 2.4GHz Wifi on hub 5 and added a 12 year old Zyxel router to the network as an access point to support the 2.4GHz WPA2 devices.     Obviously now using more power but at least everything works



I am getting the same timing errors on LG-RDK_6.9.35-2302.6, do you still have this problem if not how did it get resolved please?


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Very Insightful Person

SYNC timing issues are usually SNR or noise ingress.  I would doubt if a firmware update was the culprit.  BTW this is a really old thread …..

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