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Hub 4 with 1Gig

Joining in

Hi, so I have just upgraded to the 1gig option that virgin media provided we’re having issues currently with our hub 4 dropping out on certain devices but not all devices. Does anyone have any ideas on a fix for this? doesn’t depend on distance as some devices are right next to the hub or upstairs and the dropping out is on both.

The only way to currently fix the issue is to manually restart the hub each time it doesn’t connect.

Any help is appreciated


Alessandro Volta

We will need a lot more info if we are to help you,, particularly which device work, whether or not they always work, which devices drop out, wired vs wireless etc.

The fact that some devices work and don’t drop (is that true?) suggests that the Hub 4 is working fine.  I have Hub 4 & 1 Gig fwiw knowing.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)