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Hub 3 issues after power outages

Joining in

I have had multiple instances where my broadband, with a Hub3 router, does not recover after sudden power outages - either due to RCD trips in the house or proper power cuts.

My setup is the Hub3, with its own WiFi enabled, but I have a Deco mesh system connected to one of the LAN ports which all devices in the house use. When I set up the Deco system I tried putting the hub into modem mode but the Deco reported no internet access so I left native WiFi on.

Symptoms vary - the Hub3 generally reboots to a normal steady white light, but then:

  • Sometimes I have no internet connectivity at all
  • Sometimes my laptop, Ethernet connected to the hub, has internet access
  • Sometimes the native Hub3 WiFi works

but generally getting the Deco system back to having internet access is a problem.

My approach to solving generally has me doing a system check through the Virgin Media Service Status page. This almost always comes back saying it has detected a problem and wants to reset the Hub3.  Once it has done this, all access (including Deco) is restored - until the next time…

This last time, the remote reset request didn’t work so it asked me to do a local reset.  It took several before it came back with any service at all. I did this without the Deco connected, so it was having no influence.

Even having successfully got everything working again, running the system check is STILL detecting problems and asking to reset. I’ve not done this…

The simple answer would appear to be that I have a faulty Hub3

Does anyone have any similar experience or helpful suggestions?  Would appreciate help from any of the VM team on here. Thanks!IMG_0279.png



"getting the Deco system back to having internet access is a problem"

Lots of IT kit responds poorly to a noisy disconnection / re-connection of AC power.