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High ping an packet loss (Modem Mode)

Joining in


Hoping someone might be able to help, please read all before answering as some key context needed... 

I've been with Virgin Media on and off for years. When we moved to our new house around 2.5 years ago it didn't have a Virgin line so we had a brand new line put in. It worked great with my current setup for about 6 months before we started to experience severe latency/ ping spike issues. 

These got so bad that I swapped away from virgin for a few months and sent back the router. With the new provider (copper line best available where we live) all the latency was gone but the speeds obviously horrific. 

I then signed back up for Virgin, praying it would be better however the latency issues were still there. For a few weeks I had the two lines running side by side on a failover and used the copper line as priority for most evenings when the Virgin connection got worse however paying for 2 lines isn't a sustainable option. After a few weeks the hub kept disconnecting entirely so I finally managed to get an engineer round who diagnosed a faulty splitter. The splitter was replaced and they tested the line and said all was fine. 

Unsurprisingly the latency issue are still here, it’s now been at least 4 months since then on my new contract and I still cant get this resolved. 

My system isnt very standard, it is comprised of a Pfsense firewall, switches, servers, NAS boxes with hardwired RJ45 Cat6 throughout the house and multiple Unifi AP’s. I put any ISP hub into modem mode and feed it straight into my system. I do alot of LAN networking around the house. 

I can quantify that it’s not my network as 

  1. It worked well for 6 months when we first moved in 
  1. It works well with other ISP incomer 
  1.  It dosent matter if the hub is in modem mode or not 
  1. I’ve tested direct connect to the hub and it’s the same 


I’ve put BQM graphs and hub down and up below: 

Live Graph 

13th June

15th May

13th March 

 Screenshot 2024-06-18 021043.png

Screenshot 2024-06-18 021052.png



Screenshot 2024-06-18 021059.png

All of this makes gaming almost impossible as I rubber band and disconnect all the time. The speed is never really an issue, I download great and upload fine. Anyone else had something similar and any advise? It’s driving me mad and getting through to support makes me even more mad... yes I can reset the hub, not it doesn't make a difference... just looks like a massively oversubscribed network to me... 



Alessandro Volta

Your live BQM looking better after 2am?

setup rate limiting for testing on your  Pfsense firewall for all your network start with 115Mb download and 19Mb upload use SFQ type for QoS/BWM

test your Bufferbloat 

 Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test - Waveform


Tuning in

I have a similar issue. Posted on here. Root cause is continuous testing by VM using samknows realspeed speed test which is embedded in the modem. I currently have a workaround. Have a continuous download running using FDM and limit the speed at 20 mbps. This deactivates the testing because it detects that the router is in use at that speed. I raised a complaint which they swiftly closed after the engineer visit where he did nothing and they just assumed that he fixed it. I am waiting for the 8 weeks to pass and will raise it with the ombudsman as it is affecting the quality of service.

Hi rid1,

Thanks for posting and sorry to see you've had some connection issues. 

I've had a look at things from our side, and due to the area you're in it's not something we can help with from here.

Please call the team on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and you'll automatically be transferred to the team that can help.


Yeah I did a few tests and this appears to be the crux of it. When I had a constant download even down to 2mbps it brought the latency down a lot, didn't seem to like being at 1mpbs tho for whatever reason. It's such a shame that the virgin network operates like this. I swapped my network over to Unifi (which ive been putting off for along time as Pfsense is superior in nearly all ways) and the issue has got better, not down to the level i'd  like but probably within range, kind of feels like they might have some background into this issue that Pfsense and the way it handles the requests... Far above my level of understanding.

New IP with Unifi Gateway...