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High download latency Hub 3.0

Joining in

Since swapping to Virgin Media in July we've had trouble with the internet in our flat.

Previously we could get internet in all rooms in our flat, but since swapping to Virgin Media the internet is intermittent in all rooms except the lounge (where the router is kept). This impacts our smart home devices, mobile devices as well as one of our home office set-ups. In video calls, we experience intermittent issues due to High Download Latency.


One of our computers is connected via. Ethernet has no issues, but our other computer is located usually around 3m from the router (same room) or the same distance (but in another room) connected via. wifi.


I have been monitoring the performance through a BQM since October and every day looks like the below;

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.18.58.png


I also regularly run a speed test and the results are pretty consistent, here's the results from today;

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.21.03.png


 Trace Statistics : traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 0.000 ms 0.000 ms 0.000 ms
Trace complete.


PING ( 64 data bytes
--- ping statistics ---
20 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss


Your first response was a link to a replacement router for running Hub 3 in modem mode, this is what we did.


Alessandro Volta

Setup a BQM on it and we see how it goes 

also run a tracert


traceroute to, 5 hops max, 38 byte packets

1 * * *

2 ( 10.526 ms 10.447 ms 9.795 ms

3 * * *

4 * * *

5 ( 15.254 ms 14.511 ms 13.850 ms

Trace Complete.

traceroute is stopped.

The BQM was set-up a couple of days ago to the router IP (as identified by BQM and confirmed in router settings), it looks exactly the same as when using VM Hub 3.0 (all red, 100% packet loss).

Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 02.16.40.png


odd traceroute...

 firewall settings you need to allow WAN to Router ICMP/ping 

note your WAN IP would of changed for BQM so update it


Well that explains why the original BQM did not look right. I had no idea it was not set-up correctly with the ping settings on the router. I made those changes this morning (not easy when the router online docs are incorrect for the current UI and data structures). This is what it looks like now;


Usage for today internet-wise is mainly just some basic browsing and offline console gaming.

The speed test is now looking better (upload latency), but everything else is showing worse and has been all day. I did limit the devices in the QoS and monitor for about and hour and a half but it didn't test any better at the time so had removed them.


Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 19.05.34.png







Alessandro Volta

Odd I thought that router didn't have a QoS...but if it has you need to limit it correctly on 125M you set download to 115Mb and upload 19Mb


I didn't get the specific model you originally recommended as I am not familiar with that brand but took a look at some similar ones from brands and reviews related to Hub 3 issues. Might be a little different functionality-wise wise it is a mid-range TP-Link router.

On the QoS I had it set at the advertised limits from the VM site (132/20), I could set it a little lower as you mention and see if that makes a difference.


We are getting much better internet consistency in other rooms now with the new router, i.e. we can use the internet in the bedroom and bathroom whereas on the Hub 3 we needed to use mobile data. Still not sure why the latency is high though if setting the QoS lower does not solve the issue, or why there are spikes on the BQM even under low useage. 


Alessandro Volta

Ping spikes could happened when you know your idle due to you being in a bad area with utilisation problems.

But as you say your wifi is much better now   


Hi CrimsonAlpacca

Thanks for your update. I'm pleased to hear that your WiFi coverage has improved.

Are you experiencing issues with your connection and broadband performance, despite the latency spikes visible on your BQM graph?

We'll be happy to run further diagnostic checks for you on our side, however in order to do this we would need for you to be in router mode.

Let us know.