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High download latency Hub 3.0

Joining in

Since swapping to Virgin Media in July we've had trouble with the internet in our flat.

Previously we could get internet in all rooms in our flat, but since swapping to Virgin Media the internet is intermittent in all rooms except the lounge (where the router is kept). This impacts our smart home devices, mobile devices as well as one of our home office set-ups. In video calls, we experience intermittent issues due to High Download Latency.


One of our computers is connected via. Ethernet has no issues, but our other computer is located usually around 3m from the router (same room) or the same distance (but in another room) connected via. wifi.


I have been monitoring the performance through a BQM since October and every day looks like the below;

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.18.58.png


I also regularly run a speed test and the results are pretty consistent, here's the results from today;

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.21.03.png


 Trace Statistics : traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 0.000 ms 0.000 ms 0.000 ms
Trace complete.


PING ( 64 data bytes
--- ping statistics ---
20 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss



The all red BQM may not pointing at the Public IP of your VM Hub which is 80,4,28,149

Use Wi-Fi repeater(s) or a Wireless Mesh or Wireless Access Point(s) to provide better coverage in the property.
Don't rent the VM Pods at £8 per month each they would be money down the drain.

Try video calls via a network cable.  
The half duplex nature of Wi-Fi can triple the latency of your VM connection degrading the call quality.

Alessandro Volta

Thank you for the suggestion, but we're having issues with Wi-Fi in the same room as the router. Will look more into these as a last resort but this is not a large flat we're talking about 8m in length and 6m across.

That shouldn't be a coverage issue seems like a bad router (to me) and this is also what troubleshooting articles about smart home devices imply about VM 3.0 routers. We did not have any issues with our previous provider (Sky) where Wi-Fi reached all rooms with expected levels of latency (although it was at a much slower speed).


@CrimsonAlpacca wrote:

That shouldn't be a coverage issue seems like a bad router (to me) and this is also what troubleshooting articles about smart home devices imply about VM 3.0 routers.

odds of you getting a hub where the wifi works is less then 50% its that bad but its bad because VM what you to buy/get their hard to get pods



Speed test the service to a Router mode Hub(3/4/5) + your device with the link below.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.
The speed any WiFi device draws data at is limited by its data needs and technical abilities.

Samknows is showing different data, but the speed is not the issue we're getting the speeds advertised it's just unreliable due to latency.

It shows the router and the device as having 0% package loss. VM backend tests and BQM are showing 100% packet loss.


Since my original images of BQM and Speedtest got deleted I post them here.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.57.43.png

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.54.07.png


Alessandro Volta

download latency only happens went you max out your speed you would need a advanced router with QoS/BWM to allow you to download with low latency.

BQM need you to allow ping reply in the hub settings if it spikes when your not using your connection thats a problem.


Joining in

A new router was installed yesterday, with no change to the latency issue. We tested extensively by switching off/unplugging various devices until only one was left on and the results did not change (All internet stats are consistent regardless of devices in use/connection type, including on mobile devices with no apps running.)

We tested one of our laptops on wifi and ethernet, the ethernet connection matches the results I get on my computer but the wifi on that laptop is marginally worse.

Could someone from VM respond and offer some advice?


Alessandro Volta

did say a new hub will not fix your problem