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HUB 5 keeps dropping internet for a few seconds

On our wavelength


I have used the Hub 2 in Modem only mode for years and it was rock solid and never gave an issue.

I had an email late in 2022 to upgrade from the hub 2 to the new Hub 5. What a mistake. It just keeps dropping the internet for a few seconds at a time on wi-fi and a wired. Especially noticeable when streaming radio.

So far I have had engineers out twice and both times they said there was an issue and did something.  However it just returns to the issue.  I have tried the Hub 5 in router mode and it still does this. 

I was left with the Hub 2. Can I go back to the Hub 2 and use that in Modem only mode again or will this no longer work or cause issues with my account?

I originally signed up for 200 meg BB which recently had a free increase.  This is plenty fast enough for me and I doubt I use that to its fullest. I have no need for 1GB speeds.  As such will the Hub 2 be ok to go back to in Modem only mode. It is head and shoulders above the hub 5.


On our wavelength

Sorry for the necro again but seems this is a bigger issue then VM think it is.

Ive been having them exact same issues now for over 3 weeks  since upgrading to 1GB.  Ive had 3 technictions out 2 of them never got anything fixed and the 3rd changed a few things and gave me a new Hub 5.  Sorry to say this still asnt been fixed and all i get from VM is everything its in tip top shape but it isnt as these forums are littered with the same post of the Hub 5 losing connection for a few seconds.  I race online and game online and this is stopping me doing this but ofc VMs awsome forum ppl sent me pvt messages saying VM dont care about ping and gaming.  So what is the point of 1gb then.  Hub 5 is garbage but i heard the Hub 4 works way better.  VM you need to fix ur equipment and stop blaming us

We should be allowed to use our own modem and routers we are paying to have internet not paying you to watch us.